Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We are so lucky to live in a neighborhood of good kids. I took this picture on the first day of school (before all the kids got there!) Yes, even more than this ride bikes every day!
My good friend Shelly got this door at a boutique and let me buy it from her. Isn't it awesome? My husband and boys wonder why a random door is propped up in our front room. Personally, I think it looks awesome. So Shabby Chic! (And the vinyl is a design I created to go with it.)
This is my favorite picture of Kenyon's football year. He's not a big fellow, but I sure thought he was cool in his football get up. Love that kid!
Here is a watercolored card I did for an Enrichment Night activity for my Sister-in-Law. I love watercoloring so much. If I could just lock myself in my craft room, I do believe I'd spend every bit of my time watercoloring!
This is artwork created for CTMH that was featured on Good Things Utah, a local television broadcast. The TV class was done by Kristine Widtfeldt, an amazing woman of so many talents. What fun to work with girly papers and designs!
I've had a few people ask if I post artwork on a blog and until now I haven't known how. But I'm learning and, rudimentary as it may be, I'd like to post some art on this blog just so I can say I've done it! I'm a blogger in the sense that I love looking at other blogs, but I'm certainly not good at doing one myself! I'll post some layouts I've done of my adorable nieces, Kaitlyn and Megan. (They are the only girl pictures I have to work with!)
I've been doing some design work for a vinyl company of a good friend, Shelly Nielson at Say Anything Expressions. Her website will be up and running November 1st. www.sayanythingexpressions.com I can't wait! This is my favorite design so far. I've had so much fun doing these designs and working with Shelly is a true delight. She's one of those great people in life that make you a happier person just by being around them. She's an awesome mom, wife, business woman, friend, and woman.