Monday, June 29, 2009

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Here is my honored and distinguished baby at the beautiful Ryan and Larissa Chase wedding. If I could have frozen time at this very moment, I would have gladly done it!

WHAT a weekend!

We went to a rodeo Thursday night, Kent surprised me Friday night with beautiful flowers and an overnight getaway (my dear mom stayed with the kids - THANKS MOM!!!) to Manti to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant, Saturday morning we picked up Kenyon from his amazing week long scout experience, we launched rockets at a Ward/neighborhood party, then went to a wonderful Gordon family reunion, said our final, tearful goodbyes to Landon and Logan, went to a fun family fireworks party (thanks Clint and Amy!!) Then on Sunday we went to a family reunion fireside. PHEW! I'm exhausted! (And so INCREDIBLY blessed.) Thank you, Kent, for sweeping me off my feet (again.) Love you!

Friday, June 26, 2009

big brothers are good to have

Kenyon has been gone all week to scout camp and today, Kaden and I were on a walk and I asked him if he misses Kenyon. "Ya, kind of...big brothers are good to have," Kaden informed me. I asked him to tell me why it's good to have a big brother and he explained, "Like at swim team in the mornings, Kenyon always shows me where to put my things. This week I haven't known where to put my towel and my swim bag." (Can we say second child syndrome?) Kaden then went on to say, "Big brothers are good to have because they do things and you can watch them and then you can do the same things. It's like having an example. And if they're a good example, then you do good things by following them." So I secretly wiped the tears from my eyes, thinking of my own wonderful older siblings, and quietly agreed with Kaden's assessment. He then brought it right back down to earth, adding, "Plus, big brothers can do all the babysitting while I go play!"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A special day and fond farewells. Mmmwaaaa! (that's the sound of a great big blown kiss to all of you people I love so much.) Thank you for letting me be there yesterday. It was such an amazing experience. Okay, I gotta stop now (and go get a Kleenex.) I love you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

faux photo booth

turning over the camera

They've been begging and pleading for years, so tonight, when I took them in the front room to capture some pictures of THEM in the window light, they talked me into it and I relinquished the camera to Kyler and Kolby. (Urmmmm...where did all those wrinkles and freckles come from!!??)

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My wonderful sister and her amazing husband will be leaving this Wednesday to serve as Mission President and wife in the Santiago, Chile East mission. While I am overjoyed and so excited for them, all my selfish bones have issued forth and I find myself reduced to a puddle of tears whenever I try to picture three years of our lives without seeing them. Their son, the absolute idol of my four boys, will be going with them. We love them so much and don't know how we will survive without them, but we so admire their determination to serve the Lord and find ourselves asking if we would be willing to give up everything for three years to do the same. Our thoughts and prayers are with them this week and for the next three years. We hope to be like them when we grow up! From the Church News: Larry Roberts Laycock, 48, Alpine 3rd Ward, Alpine Utah West Stake; former bishop and counselor, high councilor, stake and ward Young Men president, counselor in a ward Young Men presidency, and missionary in the Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission. Shareholder and Intellectual Property Litigator, Workman Nydegger. Born in American Fork, Utah; parents Andrew G. and Nadine Roberts Laycock Attaway. Married Lisa Dawn Gleave, four children.

Sister Laycock is a former stake Young Women president and secretary, ward Young Women president, ward Primary president, counselor, and chorister, and gospel doctrine teacher. Born in Cedar City, Utah, to Winston Taylor and Karen Mae Morrey Gleave.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Kyler turned SIX yesterday. We've actually made it six years with this impassioned little imp of a boy! He is our greatest joy as well as our deepest agony. He's either way UP or way DOWN...there is just no in-between with him. But with a face like his, how could we do anything but love him?
Even Dad got in on the slip and slide action...but where is birthday boy, you ask? While the party was going on outside, Kyler was busy with his new presents inside. (Did you know you have to have a Phd to transform a Transformer? I think I missed that part of parenting school. I really stink at transforming Transformers!!) But after a whole lot of coaxing, begging, (and, okay, threatening,) he joined the party outside once again.
We ate cupcakes.
Lots of cupcakes...
We broke a basketball-shaped pinata, we had water gun battles and a water balloon toss, and, overall, just had a great time. Kyler decided he was happy that he was six and would "never be five again!" Yay six!
The end.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

smoky mountain memories

Larissa taught me how to make an iMovie!!! So gather' round, kids. It's time to watch home movies. Showing tonight: Our trip to Skylark, at which I had BIG plans of taking millions of photos, but then my efforts were thwarted by the rain and by the iMovie training session. I didn't even have enough pictures to fill up one song. *sigh* (Oh well, these Smoky Mountain Memories will still last forever :) Thanks, Riss, for teaching me!! Here is my amateur attempt at an iMovie: (Warning, there are a lot of gun photos in the movie, but let me assure you, we were only shooting at soda cans. In other words: no animals were harmed in the making of this movie!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

yankees baby

My friend Charity called me today and in an act of great flattery, asked me to take her adorable baby boy's pictures. These are a few of my favorites...I hope his daddy, (the baseball coach,) likes them! (I think I like Mr. Grumpy face, #7, the very best :)
Such a happy little guy! And he had the cutest smiles for his mama.
Once he saw the mitt and baseball, he didn't want to have anything to do with the camera! (Like Father, like Son!)
Mr. Grumpy Face
Are we done yet??
What a sweet little thing!

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My dad, the real-life Clint Eastwood. We spent the weekend at the cabin and Dad told me a story of his childhood I'd never heard before. As a young boy, one of his jobs was to stand in the back of his father's truck as it transported sheep on a long drive from one town to the next. He was to watch the three levels of sheep to make sure none of them tipped over. If one tipped, he had to quickly upright it before it was smothered and died. He said that those were some of the longest trips of his life, but that no sheep ever died while on his watch. His eyes started bothering him and he had to spend four weeks at the hospital in the city while they tried to diagnose the problem. They finally discovered that the irritation was being caused by an infection from the sheep's wool in his eyes and they had to treat him with the new miracle drug, "penicillin." As Dad told me the story, I found myself thinking, "How did I not know this fascinating thing about him, and what other stories are there that I don't know?" My father is a man of few words. I've always admired that about him because when he does talk, people listen. I just wish he'd talk a bit more about his life. His stories are like pages from a lost book.

some bloggerly love

My friend Karen gave me my very first blog award. Thanks Karen! I have framed it and I will treasure it always! I will pass along the love soon.

Friday, June 12, 2009

3 year old talk

What is it with the youngest child? He'll never have proper grammar and he'll never grow out of his baby talk because as his mother, I think the funny things he says are so adorable, I don't have the heart to correct him. He is completely unfamiliar with the pronouns "she," and "her." I guess it's because he lives in such a male-dominated world. When he talks about his best friend, Miss S, he always refers to her as "him." (But he calls her dad "Sister Hardy," go figure.) And I don't even correct him. If child number 1 would have said these things I would have corrected him immediately. Now I just think it's cute. Is this how it is with all last children? I've been listening to his funny talk lately and was reminded yesterday of another of his funny ways of putting things. I said, "Who forgot to turn off these headphones?" and he said, "I accident I did it." He says that all. the. time. "Who didn't make their bed?" "I accident I did it." "Who popped this water balloon in the house?" "I accident I did it.""Who made Kyler cry?" "I accident I did it!"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

wordless wednesday

I'm going to play along with other bloggers who like to post pictures on Wednesdays that speak for words necessary, blah, blah, blah...I have just officially broken the rules. Anyway, here is my Wordless Wednesday pic.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'll miss this one day

In an effort to remind myself of the joys, rather than the woes of being the mom, I'm starting a new post thread about the things I think I'll miss one day when the kids are grown. (I got this idea from the neatest blog and from the blog linked to the above button. Play along if you'd like! I'd love to read about what you'll miss.)
Someday I'll miss listening to the endless daily conversations between children that are so insignificant to my adult mind but so terribly important to their little minds, like this one between little Miss S and Kolby: "Can I please hold your rock for five minutes? I promise I'll give it back. If you just let me hold your rock for five minutes, I'll be your best friend and I'll invite you to my birthday." {Sidenote: they are literally standing among thousands of rocks. We have no shortage of rocks in our neighborhood, but for some reason, only this one will do.}

book review

Still Alice Still Alice by Lisa Genova

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars One of the quotes of praise on the back cover of this book reads, "After I read Still Alice, I wanted to stand up and tell a train full of strangers, 'You have to get this book.'" I feel the same way. The book was beautiful and terrifying. Since I started reading it, every time I misplace something or forget someone's name, I am just sure I have early onset Alzheimer's. (I really think I do.) I can't say enough good about this book. It was wonderful. (Though I do have to note a couple of totally unnecessary uses of that one very offensive word. WHY is that word even in the English language? And why do authors feel the need to use it? I think it's a cop out word that authors feel the need to use to portray strong emotion when they can't think of any other way to portray it. -Just my two cents) But this was an amazing read. I laughed and cried on almost every page and I couldn't put it down. I read it in two sittings. For those in my book club, I think you are going to love this book. I can't wait to discuss it. My Grandmother had Alzheimer's and it was a scary thing for me to watch. I wish I'd read this book while she was still here. I would have understood her so much better. Like the main character in the book, she was so intelligent and refined her whole life and Alzheimer's seems like such an undignified, cruel way to end a remarkable life. I also couldn't help but think about President Ronald Reagan. I would love to read more about him. I have even more admiration, love and respect for Nancy Reagan, for my Grandfather, and for all caregivers of Alzheimer victims. Surely they must earn themselves an everlasting spot in Heaven. View all my reviews.

Friday, June 5, 2009

strawberry delight recipe

1 warm summer day. 3 hot kids. 1 case of strawberries. Mix together thoroughly and enjoy.

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And this is my attempt. What a beautiful little boy!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

book club

I'm lucky to be a member of the most wonderful group of literary, interesting, fun and intelligent women of all BOOK CLUB! Each year we gather at a restaurant to present books we've read during the year and would like to read as a group. We then vote and make our selections for the year. This year, these were the selections that sound like wonderful reads but that were not chosen for our book club. (After all, we only have 12 months in a year!) I will be reading many of these on my own. They sound fascinating.
And, (drum roll, please...) THESE are our selections for the year:
Can't wait to start on the list.