Monday, September 28, 2009

good news, bad news...

The bad news is Kyler has been sick all week. The good news is, he lost his FIRST TOOTH!! The bad news is it could be Swine Flu. The good news is, the Tooth Fairy left him $1.00 and he was SO excited!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

you ROCK!

Why is it that the crazier my life gets, the more inclined I am to take on silly, meaningless projects??!@* The other day as I was driving around town, I saw THIS beauty at a yard sale for only $8.00 and it just SPOKE to me...

And it's been speaking to me all week. So, even though I have 1 million (literally) things I need to be doing this week, I finally heeded its call this morning, and now it looks like THIS...

Isn't she PRETTY!?

I'm seeing all kinds of photography potential here!!
I'm envisioning a beautiful Christmas wreath and viola...the perfect Christmas card picture!!! (Anyone want to pose for me!?)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

four wheelin'

We took an awesome four wheeler/jeep ride in the mountains behind our house. The view was incredible. It's always fun to see the world from a new perspective. We drive around that city all day, every day, going about our business, not even realizing what the big picture looks like...
You know those confounded (awesome) windmills I'm always talking about? There they are, at the base of the mountain on the left. Cool, huh? They look pretty small from this perspective.

How many boys can fit in one jeep?
It was a bit dusty!
I know my camera and I have worn out our welcome when we start getting THIS look...
How do people live without mountains!?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

contest entry

Okay, I realize this is no contest winner, but I couldn't resist adding this cute picture of my baby as he headed off to his first day of preschool (and I then enjoyed two hours of a blissfully empty, wonderfully quiet, surprisingly clean house:)

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

happy birthday!!

This is Little Miss A. TODAY is her birthday!! She is my beautiful cousin's daughter.
Guess how old she is today! 
If you'd like to see more pictures of her and her gorgeous family, (and I know you do,) click here to go to my photo blog!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wordless wednesday "heartbreaker"

mother bear

I've learned something not so nice about myself lately. I have a real mother bear instinct when it comes to my boys. Truly. I watched a documentary last night about a man who lives among bears and he learned the hard way that you should never come between a mother bear and her cub. The mother bear he knew and loved turned on his camera man very unexpectedly when she perceived that he was causing her cub harm. The man was shocked that the normally friendly mother put a nasty, bloody gash in his ankle. And she did it fast. Without thinking. And fiercely.

I've done the same thing lately. My son came home from an event and let me know that he'd gotten in trouble over a misunderstanding with one of my friends. Boy. Mother bear I became. I was so mad I was physically shaking and I sent an e-mail to my friend that I'm afraid may have strained my relationship with her permanently.

Today that same son came home from school in tears. He's been trying so hard to get his very strict teacher to like him and today she embarrassed him in front of the class by saying (twice) that maybe she should move his desk closer to so and so so that he could flirt with her. Grrrrrrrr. I was out the door, purse and keys in hand, teeth barred, claws out when I took a minute. Flirt? Okay, I think it's okay. She was teasing with him, right? I took a few deep breaths and remembered that we can discuss it (calmly) at Parent/Teacher conference tomorrow night. Phew. Look out. Never come between a mother bear and her poor, defenseless (perhaps naughty?) cub. Yikes. I can be scary.