Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Personality Picture

Here's a picture that demonstrates each boy's personality perfectly. Kyler - willing to do what his brothers are willing to do (but only IF his brothers are willing.) Kaden - Just a happy go lucky kid, loves getting dressed up, loves getting his picture taken. Kenyon - stylin' with his hair a bit longer than mom and dad would prefer, but stylin' nonetheless. Kolby - takes a minute to warm up but once he does, he gets into it more than anyone. What a QT!!

Holiday ADD

I have it. It's a disease that sets in for me every year at this time, usually in the days following the holidays when the house is a mess, the kids are home, and Kent is cooking 24/7. At the moment, the laundry is half done, the fridge is in desperate need of attention (there's a mysterious smell coming from it,) an editing job is waiting, I've promised a life book to be finished in seven days for my niece, Lacey, AND we are having guests for a dinner party tonight. All these things need me and what am I doing? I'm working on my BLOG...that's Holiday ADD. (Oh and I spent the ENTIRE morning doing DDR (Dance, Dance Revolution) on the exercise and most fun I've had in a L O N G time!!)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Well, I have 10 minutes left on my laptop battery, and I should have gone to bed two hours ago, but that late night Cherry Coke really got me going. It's now 11:24 and I know I'll hate myself in the morning, but I have stumbled on some crazy great blog and digital scrapbooking classes, and I just can't stop. This is an amazing world we live in. But it's a bit like surfing. You gotta jump on the wave and stay with it or you're going to completely miss it. Sometimes I'm riding the wave, sometimes I'm watching it rumble by. But either way, I am enjoying the journey. Today was a wonderful Christmas day full of family, card games, food, food, food, and a little Guitar Hero (it was my first time jumping onto that wave, and I totally stunk, but it sure was fun.) Okay, my battery on this beautiful, amazing, wonderful, fantastic Macintosh laptop my dear parents and sisters gave me for my birthday, is now on reserve power. I don't know what that means, but it doesn't sound good so I gotta turn off for the night. (The computer and me.) Life is good, life is busy, life is full. (Sometimes too full!) My cup runneth over. Tomorrow I vow to spend more time playing with the kids and their new toys, and less time trying to clean up the mess of wrapping paper and dirty dishes. Good night!