Friday, July 31, 2009

new blog

Well, I finally did it, I created a new blog for my photography's still in the construction stages, but I figured I could put all my photography goofing around on the other blog so that my poor family and friends aren't bored to death by all my silly photography ramblings. (I'll bore them with something else instead.) Click on the button if you'd like to see the new addition to my blog family :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a couple more Church family pics

I truly love this picture, I just wish I'd had them do it a couple more times. My focus was locked on mom's rather than baby's face. Dog GONE it! Still so cute though!

Monday, July 27, 2009

a sunflower, a barn, and a dress

On our Saturday afternoon drive, we came upon this awesome BARN. A girl was standing in front of it in a WEDDING DRESS. You can't imagine the restraint it took not to go down and join them, snap a few shots of my own...I resisted but HAD to take a shot or two of the barn and sunflowers. Anyone want to put on a wedding dress and take a drive with me!!??

Sunday, July 26, 2009

cascade springs

Saturday was Kaden's birthday so we took him to all the places his little life began. First we went up Provo Canyon to the spot where his dad proposed to his mom. I REALLY wanted to take a picture of the very picnic table where it all happened, but a family was camped out on it and I didn't have the guts to ask them to leave :) Next we took him to the place of his namesake: CasCADE Springs. We told him how ten years ago we thought we were being so original and so clever when we named him KADEn--after the place his parents went on their first date. Little did we know that every other kid his age would be named the same thing!
Kaden reminds us of everything good in our lives...of our first date, of our eternal marriage, of our love for each other. I hope Kaden always remembers that the love of our family will run clear and strong forever, just like the endless rushing of this beautiful spring water. We love you Kaden!

contest entry

Such a fun theme this week. I'll bet there will be some amazing photos at iHeartFaces!

family pictures

Meet my neighbors, the beautiful Church Family.
Their little surprise caboose was born recently and has to be just about the cutest baby I've ever seen. You can tell how much they absolutely adore him. I could have stayed all day just to take pictures of them interacting with him. It truly warms the heart! Maybe it's because I was the little surprise caboose in my family, so I can totally relate to little baby Brody! (I was so spoiled!)
Their son, Ethan (center,) leaves for an LDS mission to Nicaragua next week. This was everyone's reaction when I said, "For this picture, I want everyone to kiss Ethan!" (Ethan's reaction is my favorite :)
When I pulled the football out of my bag, I'm pretty sure I saw some eyes light up. This is definitely a football loving family!
The beautiful women of the family.
The handsome men, youngest to oldest.
Just me, trying to be creative (in a copy cat kind of way :)
Isn't that just the coolest tree!?
Beautiful family, perfect, overcast weather, gorgeous scenery, inexperienced photographer -- ALMOST the perfect combination!!

take a hike!

We took a hike on Friday, to Scout Falls in American Fork Canyon. It was a beautiful hike, just hard enough to make the kids (okay, and me,) sleep like a ROCK that night. So much fun...
Thanks to Aunt Gwenna for the technical support...
Camie told me if I'd stop taking pictures of scenery and flowers, I'd have enough room on my photo card for people pictures, but I couldn't stop. The scenery was quite breathtaking.
That's Camie. (I think she's taking pictures of the beautiful scenery ;)
(The people were breathtaking too.)
Grandma and Grandpa are ready to hike Timp now...
Finally, thanks to Uncle Clint for bringing up the rear. (And what a cute rear!)