Friday, November 29, 2013

Taffy Pull!

For a few years, my boys have gone to the McQueen's home for taffy pulls. They come home so happy and they talk about how much fun these taffy pulls are. Last year, I found a piece of this said taffy in one of Kaden's pockets. Oh my goodness. Party in my mouth.

So I've been bugging Ondra for the recipe and guess what? Obnoxious person that I am, I got our family an invitation to a real live taffy pull at the McQueen's beautiful new home!!!!

We had so much fun…

 My mouth is watering right now…

I'm pretty sure I would NOT be able to recreate this magical event on my own, but now that I have experienced it, my life has been fulfilled. THANK YOU McQueens!!!

Thanksgiving 2013

Every time I take my camera to a family event, and start taking pictures but then I think I'm annoying my family so I put the camera away. Then I come home and load the pictures to my computer and I wish I had ignored my embarrassment and taken more pictures! From now on, (sorry family and friends,) I'm ignoring your annoyance and taking more pictures!

This year our Jepperson family Thanksgiving happened a week ago at Grandma and Grandpa's. It was wonderful and delicious (for everyone but poor Kent, who came down with the stomach flu that very day and spent the next several days in bed.) Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa for always taking the time to host our family get togethers.

The Gleave family Thanksgiving happened the night before Thanksgiving at the Laycock's beautiful home. I marveled at how big our family has become. I fear that getting together is soon going to be too difficult, but I'm so grateful for these people I love so much. Thank you, thank you, Laycock family for hosting such a wonderful Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving day, we (I) slept in for as long as Kodak would let me, and then I took her on a walk while Kent went to the Ward Turkey Bowl. I came home, started the meal prep, took a nap, watched a Netflix movie (Star Trek) with the boys, had Thanksgiving Dinner with just the six of us, took another nap, and then went to a movie together (a rare occasion! - The Hunger Games Catching Fire.) We then came home, ate pie and ice cream, and watched Hercules on Netflix. It was such a relaxing day and it was so fun to just have my kiddos to myself. That is such a rare occasion any more. I loved it. I'm incredibly grateful for my family, on both sides. They all better watch out, though, because I'm going to be taking more pictures. I just am. I let too many memories slip by without capturing them.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The importance of Blogging

The other day I was looking for a picture I thought I had posted on my blog, so I was scrolling through old blog posts. One by one the boys and Kent gathered around me and together we looked at every single post since I started blogging. We couldn't believe how much everyone has changed over the years and we had so much fun reliving our memories. I need to rededicate myself. Seeing the joy we had as we looked at old posts, I was reminded that these boys' lives are so important and I want to capture the moments. I have had four posts in 2013. FOUR. Must. Do. Better.

The boys (and Kodak) were helping me test some lighting and we snapped these pictures the other day. I'm blogging them.
 (Seriously. She's so cute.) I love her.

 We've been working on Kenyon's Eagle project the last three weeks. He is making 100 Christmas stockings and filling them with gifts to give to kids in the Juvenile Justice system during the holidays. I have loved working with Kenyon on this project. He's a pretty great kid.

 This Fall, the boys and I redid our basement. I just love how it turned out.

The house is having a bit of an identity crisis this week. It's half Thanksgiving, half Christmas. But Kolby isn't confused. He's just CUTE!

This kitty is so curious about whatever I'm trying to photograph. I always feel bad shoo-ing her away.