Thursday, April 23, 2009


We were driving in the car today and Kolby said, "Mom! Look at all those cute flowers!" So I had to pull over and take his picture among the 'cute flowers.'
(I guess it's all in your perspective.)
Kolby and I did our part to share the love.
Hope you take some time to stop and smell the {cute} flowers today.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

meet my new neighbor

Baby E is my new, beautiful little 14 day old neighbor. He is so cute and so sweet that I have a hard time believing his mom that he's up all night. (Just kidding, Stacey! I feel your pain!!) Yesterday Stacey and I had so much fun playing with E. What a fun little photo subject. I just love him so much! (And, funny thing, I think he looks JUST like my other neighbor - his big sister! Ooooh I love him.) Oh and what does it mean that he's always looking to the right? That in his life he will always choose the right? That he's very left brained? That he's already a thinker?...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

all you need is a wife

A wife brings balance and stability.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

little surprises

Oh how I love it when you plug your card into your computer and find some wonderful little surprise pictures like these!

more easter pics!

We had such a fun Easter. Grandma and Grandpa always have the BEST egg hunt for us. And those eggs were in some pretty clever hiding places. What could be better than cousins and CANDY!?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

easter eve!

Kent and I are playin' Easter Bunny tonight...the two big boys are each getting a wonderful "new" invention that is going to change all our's a phone that PLUGS INTO THE WALL and stays attached to the base via a stretchy CORD so that it's never lost, and when it rings, you know exactly where it will BE. Ingenious, isn't it!? They're going to LOVE them. (But Kent and I are going to love them MORE!) I'm also up late trying to figure out a Sharing Time for tomorrow. I think we're going to talk about all the miracles of Spring...trees, flowers, and grass blooming and turning green...fuzzy caterpillars turning into beautiful butterflies...rain bringing flowers (and rainbows)... and little eggs hatching into birds. We'll then, of course, talk about the amazing miracle of the empty tomb, and our gratitude for all that an empty tomb represents. I AM grateful for the wonderful miracle of a tomb where Jesus Christ was no longer there, for He had risen. How can you help but be filled with joy at the thought of such a thing!? My goal this week is to more fully recognize the miracles that surround me. Easter truly is a wonderful time of year. Happy Easter, everyone!

Friday, April 10, 2009

primary activity

Had a Primary quarterly activity a couple weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. First the kids made headbands out of torn pieces of muslin. They decorated them with markers to look like Nephites or Lamanites and they really did a great job. Some of them were works of art! We then learned scripture stories, played Do You Love Your Neighbor?, played Steal the Lamanite Sword, and then played Battle. After the "battle" we pointed out to them that we didn't lose anyone in our battle (though a couple were wounded :) and that the kids were just like the Stripling Warriors who all came out of battle alive. We told them that we knew they would always fight for the right and battle on the Lord's side. We then finished up by burying "weapons" (little toothpick swords) in ice cream sundaes with all the fixins. The activity was to reward the kids for bringing their scriptures to Primary each week and filling up our scripture jar over the last couple of months. It was a fun activity...we aren't sure if they got the meaning of all our ideas and how they tied together. Mostly they just thought it was great to dress like warriors, battle, and go home with swords. (Yikes!)

neighborhood easter egg hunt

The neighborhood had a spontaneous Easter egg hunt, thanks to Shelly, the queen of spontaneity! Shelly, without you, my life would be so boring! You're the BEST!


Been coloring with the boys. Why is a box of Crayolas still my best friend? (But I really need to get some better coloring books. I've colored every female in the two Spiderman coloring books we have. I don't really {heart} Spiderman.)...(Oh, and I pilfered that great picture of the crayons from the Internet...none of our crayons look like THAT...most of them don't even have a wrapper any more. SOMEONE around here enjoys peeling the crayons more than he enjoys coloring!)