Saturday, May 30, 2009

high on a summer buzz!

The boys are feeling "light-headed" from their summer-time buzzes. (Haircut buzzes, that is.) It all started at lunchtime yesterday (the last day of school.) I brought the boys in for lunch and told them it was time to buzz off their hot, shaggy hair. Our cute neighbor, J came over to play but Kyler said (Kyler hates haircuts, so imagine the saddest, mope-iest voice as you read this part,) "I can't play, I'm getting a buzz." Fifteen minutes later, our buzzes were done and the doorbell rang. It was J. He was back, sporting his new buzz. Pull out the Slip and Slides and stock up on Otter Pops, folks. Summer is officially here. (Help!)


amy and clint said...

Love the new haircuts! Such cute boys!

Ryan and Larissa Chase said...

I love them too. It just isn't really summer without those cute buzz cuts.

Karen said...

I miss the buzz days. Rub a little boy buzzed head for me!