Wednesday, May 5, 2010

happy mother's day to me...

When the boys got home from school I told them that I was ready for my 
Mother's Day gift from them. 

All I wanted was a picture of my boys.

You would have thought I'd asked them to go to school through the Summer vacation. 

They whined, they tried to find excuses, they fought the whole way to the scene, and then they cried about the sun being in their eyes and the stickers they had in their shoes. 

Between exclamations of "He's TOUCHING me!" and "Your breath stinks," I actually caught a couple of shots I liked and I was thinking this was working out okay and I was going to get my Mother's Day gift after all.

...and then my camera's battery died.


We were just warming up...these shots weren't even good ones. They were looking right at the sun!

I take hundreds of pictures of people.

My battery has NEVER died. 


Happy Mother's Day to me...


Karen Pedersen said...

YOu still got some great ones! Your 2nd oldest reminds me of Lisa's kids. He look so much like Larissa when she was little!

He & Me + 3 said...

Your boys are so handsome. Happy Mother's day.