Tuesday, July 6, 2010

wedded bliss!

I loved loved loved being a part of this beautiful, perfect, fairy tale wedding.
Brother of the bride - Landon, you look good holding a bridal bouquet :)

Sister of the groom - Lindsay, you're so cute!

Mother and Niece of the groom - adorable...

Brothers of the bride - so handsome!

"Grum Grum" of the bride (and my beautiful mother!!!)

Uncle of the bride (and my amazing brother!!!)
And anyone looking at this picture who knows this man, knows the 
wonder and significance of this picture in front of the temple. {LOVES}

 Niece and nephew of the groom - so cute.

Father of the bride (skype-ing from Santiago Chile!)
Sooooo loved and sooooo missed, but still a huge part of all the excitement.

Grandmother and uncle of the bride, brother of the groom - and bride (it's complicated :) 
all speaking to father of the bride. Thank goodness for Ryan's computer skillz!

Mother of the bride, sharing the excitement with father of the bride...

Incredible photography team of the wedding party!

Hugs of congrats from father of the groom!

Hugs of congrats from little brother!
Hugs of congrats from big sister 
(she and her husband are sister of the bride and brother of the groom - isn't that so cool!?)
(I told you it was complicated :)

"Hugs" of congrats from father of the bride!

The world goes on all around, but for two people...
time stands still.

Brother of the bride
(So good lookin!)

The beauty and wisdom of the GRAND mothers!

Mr and Mrs Chase!

Note to self: learn to pose people like this!!!

BIG thanks to the awesome photography team who let me tag along and were even willing to share their knowledge and tips. I couldn't believe how generous they were to me. Thank you!!

Lacey and Cory, may all your days be as happy as this one!!!

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Lacey Laycock said...

Kim, these pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you so much for taking pictures at all the major events :) you are the best aunt a girl could ask for!! Cory and I love you sooooo much!

P.s. my favorite is definitely the last one. That is a very classic look from my mom, and I am SO glad that you captured the real feeling and emotion so evident on my mom's face :) Love it!