Tuesday, November 9, 2010

funny text

I didn't take any Halloween night pictures because we were too busy keeping warm and dry from the hurricane that blew through that night, but right before Halloween, Kent took Ky and Kolb to the BYU Bean Museum for trick or treating and he sent me this text...(his words are below the pic.) I laughed and laughed.

 "Smile Kolby."
 "I am smiling!"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

You can see what Kyler and Kolby were for Halloween. So cute!
Kenyon was a Frenchman, with a beret,  scarf, and mustache.  He wasn't supposed to go trick or treating. We had told him last year was his last trick or treat year, but then we gave in when all his friends were going. Our rule was that they had to all be wearing costumes, they had to be polite at the doors, and they had to watch out for little trick or treaters. I think they did pretty well. I heard positive reports from neighbors, but perhaps next year I can lock them all up at my house so they don't become obnoxious Halloween teenagers. I'll even offer them all a pillowcase full of candy if they'll just stay home with me :) :)
Kaden's was my favorite costume this year, but you'd have to live in our little city to fully appreciate it. He was a road construction worker with a "slow" road sign attached to his back. Springville roads have been a MESS since early Spring. Everyone laughed at, and fully appreciated Kaden's costume. He was a hit! I love that Kaden is always willing to do just about anything. He's a good boy.


Karen Pedersen said...

Love it!

Annette said...

Too funny! It's been a long time since I have gone to that museum. We stayed home on Halloween. It was a Sunday and we don't live in a neighborhood so it's easy to stay home.