Monday, August 29, 2011

summer's out for school!!

Kolby started first grade, and was excited to ride his scooter to school and eat lunch with the big kids. Kyler started third grade, and insisted on wearing a mohawk. Kaden started sixth grade and is obviously too cool now to hold up fingers indicating his grade. And Kenyon started ninth grade, and hated that I brought out the camera.
 Off to Jr. High

Waiting to leave for the Elementary School

Who is the most excited? Kaden? Kyler? Dad? (ha ha) Kolby? 

Dad biked to school with Kyler and Kaden

And I followed alongside Kolby on his scooter. I had to run to keep up. It works out great!
I get a workout and Kolby thinks he's as big as the big kids.
We've done it every day since school started last Monday. Love it!

Getting tricky!

He did tricks all the way there and then 10 feet from the school, he hit a bump, landed on his head, and somehow ran over his own finger. Ouch.

I didn't think he was going to do it, but he pulled himself together and went to class.

 SUCH a cute first grade class!

Kyler didn't fair much better. While going off a jump, his bike ran into a garbage can and Ky flipped over the handlebars. But he also pulled himself together enough to go to class.
Looks like third grade is going to be SERIOUS. Look at all those books!

Kaden thought I was the coolest mom at school because I was snapping away at his sixth grade class.

Ahhhhhh... I stopped to smell the flowers on my leisurely walk home.

Our after school snack. Pina coladas.

All in all, a good time was had by all.

Oh, except for poor Kenyon...

...who got a terrible migraine on his first day of ninth grade.

(I guess it's a good thing I didn't go track him down in his
classes to take pictures of him like I wanted to!)

Happy school year, everyone!!

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Karen Pedersen said...

ONE DAY, they will be glad you took all of those photos. What a fun mom you are. Pina coladas? I am a loser! I totally forgot to pull out the camera for Dawson's first day of his Jr. year and didn't even fix a fun snack. Loser with a capital "L". You are a doll and I love your blog posts!