Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Randomness from Day One of 2014

Taking down the Christmas decor and flying helicopters

My good friend, Annette gave our family the best game for Christmas. Telestrations. We love it and have been playing it for two days straight. We laugh so hard. 

It's kind of like the telephone game. One person writes down a word, the next person has to draw that word on the next page, then the next person has to guess what the drawing is on the next page, and so on, until it gets back to the original writer of the word. For our game last night, the word was beaver and Kent drew a beaver. On the next page, Kolby guessed that it was Perry the Platypus, so this was my rendition of Perry the Platypus. Why Kenyon guessed "duck" I'll never know!

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