Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First Day of school 2016

 Kyler is starting 8th grade this year. (That's an 8 he's making with his hands.) He is a happy, healthy, cool, funny boy. But cool most of all. He loves tennis and is looking forward to being on the cross country and water polo teams this year. He is also considering going back to the swim team but is still undecided on that front.

 Kaden is starting his junior year in high school. He is not keen on first-day-of-school-pictures. He is happy, kind, funny, and hard working. He is a lifeguard at the Springville pool. This year he is looking forward to being on the swim and water polo teams. He also loves disco skating every Saturday night. He's pretty much a professional.

Kolby is starting his 6th grade year. He is a funny, bright, happy, verrrrry unique kid. He loves Pokemon, creating his own, unique clothing style, and friends. This year he is looking forward to orchestra (though he's trying to talk us into band so he can play the DRUMS,) and working on his swim skills so he can eventually do water polo.

Kenyon is starting his first year of college at UVU! He is paying for this education by himself. I'm so proud of him. He is a hard worker. He is smart, funny, determined, and independent. He works for Springville City, doing grounds keeping at the Springville cemeteries. I'm still working on getting pictures of him :)

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