Friday, April 3, 2009


I've been slaving away for weeks now with two friends, Marne and Shelly for Say Anything Expressions to create these fun items for The Spotted Zebra Boutique. For more info, click here. What FUN!!!


Ryan and Larissa Chase said...

WoW! You really have a special talent! Those are so beautiful. I wish we had an unlimited bank account and I would buy at least one of everything you have ever made . . . ever!

Vocabdiva said...

OK: It's a moral imperative--I HAVE TO HAVE one of those "Return with... a Diet Coke" signs! These are ALL gorgeous! I want to get the details on yours, Shelly's and Marne's success--I can't imagine anything less! You guys are creative superdivas. Sheesh, if you guys ever need a spreadsheet or a Powerpoint presentation, I could probably lend a hand, but otherwise, I'll just drool from afar at your handiwork!

Jami said...

So beautiful! I need some things for my house and you guys are so talented!