Saturday, April 3, 2010

we took a hike

...and it sure was fun. Actually, it was our second hike this weekend, but I didn't take the camera on the first one yesterday.

We live on a mountain, and it's so much fun to explore. Today we took a hike to what the kids like to call "the white sand," but is really a lime pit above our house.

It STINKS to be the youngest. His legs are so much smaller than everyone else's!
Hubba Hubba
We live right there.

My windmills!

Sledding on the white sand!

The view from up there...WOW! (Love Kolby's face..."aNOTHER picture, Mom??")

He has such an expressive it!

Love this face too, but it doesn't let me take its picture as often!

This one asked me, "Is this a good pose mom?"
(And has anyone noticed that Kolby has that shirt on in every picture on my blog???
I promise he has other clothes, this is just his shirt of choice most days.)

 THAT'S an expressive face too. (And he said, "Mom, do NOT put that picture on your blog!!) Bwaahaahaaaha (Oh, and he ALSO has other clothes besides that white jacket.)

Yay Spring!!! Life is good.


Karen Pedersen said...

I just love boys! I'm so glad you and I both get to experience the joy (and exhaustion) of raising a houseful of the male gender. What fun photos.

He & Me + 3 said...

What a beautiful hike. Your boys are so handsome. your pictures are amazing. Love the bokeh in the flower picture. Fabulous job...except I didn't see any of you?

Tucker & Tiffany said...

What great pictures!! They make me so excited for Spring! :D

manilenya said...

What a lovely place you have there, I am dying to see some of those snowy mountain.

Great pics and I can see that you really had a great time on your hiking.

Love the photo of your youngest :)