Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tooth Fairy Loot

It's been a while since this actually happened, and I'm finally getting 'round to posting. Kolby lost his first teeth and had his first visit from the Tooth Fairy. When you're the youngest, you think this day will NEVER come! Finally!!


Jeff, Camie, Max and Lilly said...

WOW! Please don't pass it on to my kids that tooth fairy brings $5/tooth :)

And PS: why are all the kids growing up so fast?

kimber said...

Ha ha...actually, that was for two teeth, and was all we could find in our panic at 7:30 am when we realized the tooth fairy forgot...luckily we found that she didn't forget, the money had just fallen down under the bed :) :)

Karen Pedersen said...

Only YOU would have a professional shot of your child with his tooth fairy money. I mean that in a GOOD way!