Thursday, March 5, 2009


Going through old pictures on my computer today, I came across this one and it's made me all nostalgic. I am now longing for the days when the boys were smaller. I never thought that this would happen. Seems like all I ever do is wish they'd grow up and be able to do more for themselves. People have told me I would feel this way, but I didn't really expect it to come so quickly. I was thinking that the boys are still small, but then I see a picture like this and I think, "TIME, PLEASE HOLD're going much too fast." p.s. I take a lot of pictures from behind, don't I? I guess it's because I like the feeling of being there but going unnoticed while something else is happening. Plus I just love the look of the back of little boys' heads. Norman Rockwell painted lots of pictures of the backs of heads and I always loved those pictures the best.
p.s.s. Over at the Benner Daily, one of my favorite blogs to visit, SheyLynn referred to a funny video, so I clicked on it and it's been making me laugh this afternoon. So if you're feeling blue about anything at all today and you need a good giggle, go here.

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Ryan and Larissa Chase said...

Is that the cabin? Great memories there. I wish we could be there with you guys this time!