Friday, August 14, 2009

playing with photoshop

...Sitting in a Park City hotel room, late at night, all the boys watching Alvin and the Chipmunks, me, with my computer. What am I to do but pull up pictures I've taken during the week and play with them in Photoshop?
I see these windmills every day as I jog or walk or as I am shuttling kids to school or taking a trip to the grocery store, and I absolutely love them. They just kind of take my breath away every time I see them. I keep trying to capture them through my lens but every time I try I'm disappointed because I just can't capture their majesty in a picture. Finding a perspective on these windmills will be my mission over the next year. WHY are they proving so difficult?
Found these ginormous beauties by the side of the road and had to pull over to snap some shots.
I LOVE sunflowers!!


Karen said...

I have to ask. When you are driving with hubby and see something great to photograph, does he actually pull over? Mine just laughs. Naughty!

Beverly said...

We just drove by those windmills- you are right, they are majestic! I always seem to be disappointed when I am trying to get the perspective/ size to show in my photographs with things like that... so let me know if you figure it out! :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Gorgeous photos. I sure wish I had photoshop. Since my pc blew up and I got a Mac I haven't gotten any editing software yet. Great job

Paige said...

Just absolutely beautiful and the flower pictures took my breath away. I wonder if you could somehow shoot the windmill in a similar fashion to the last flower shot. One close up and filling most of the frame and the others in the distance? not sure if that would work. You are so good.

andreamatrix said...

Love the sunflowers.
Not a fan of Alvin & the Chipmunks.
I can totally understand playing in PS. :)

So what exactly do we do with landscape photography anyway? I'm trying to figure that one out.

Alisia said...

me too.
wish i lived closer to a sunflower farm. :)
these are so pretty!