Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a morning funny


I'm grumpy, tired, groggy not much of a morning person, 
so I appreciate a good belly laugh first thing, to start the day off right. 

This morning, Kyler looked out the window at the cold, gray, rainy, gloomy weather and asked, 

"Mom, has it been six weeks yet?"
I said, "Six weeks since what?"

"Since Warthog's Day."



He & Me + 3 said...

LOL...I'm with him. I need the sun! Wart hog. Baaa Haa

Karen Pedersen said...

Scrapbook that photo and quote! Too cute!

Janae said...

Paisley calls it Warthog day too. So funny!

Vocabdiva said...

Also SOOOOO not a morning person, so I really appreciated this one. I tell ya, that Kyler never fails to give me a good laugh. If he ever drives you too crazy, can I keep him? Please, mom?