Monday, February 22, 2010


Shelly, such a thoughtful friend, gave me this gift as a thank you for taking her gorgeous baby's pictures. Shelly knows I'm saving for a camera, so she created this savings jar to help me. She even started my savings with a first deposit. Wasn't that just the most thoughtful thing!?  My rule is that if the money goes in, it can't come out until it goes toward a camera. For Valentines, Kent, thoughtful guy he is, contributed some money to my jar in lieu of flowers. Isn't that also so thoughtful!? Even the kids are in on it. I leave it in the kitchen and I've noticed they've been putting a few coins in every now and then. Thoughtful, huh?
I'm surrounded by thoughtfulness. I hope I can be thoughtful as well.


Brenda said...

How Sweet is that? I'm saving for a new lense...There seem to ALWAYS be something else that I NEED. That is so cute that your boys and Hubby are contributing too. Hopefully you will be getting your camera soon! What one are you saving for?

Crissie said...

YAY KIMBER! :) Your kids dropping the coins in has to be the sweetest story I've heard all day. I hope the jar will be emptied for a great cause soon enough my friend. xoxo