Saturday, February 6, 2010

i'm taking the plunge

(and it's a little scary.)
I'm locking down my camera and taking the full manual challenge.

I've been shooting exclusively in manual mode for a little while now, and I'm loving it, but I have a lot to learn. I've been stuck in an aperture mode rut that I haven't been able to get out of, but NO MORE!

The camera I'm saving $$ for has no auto settings, so I have to prove to myself that 
I can do it!

Today the big boys headed off to the ski slopes with Dad to try out their new snow boards, so I took the little boys to McDonald's and then on some photo taking adventures. 
(They were thrilled.)

McDonald's toys are the BEST!!
(And by the way, McDonald's playground is an AWESOME place for pictures...perfect lighting, lots of happy children, food, free wi-fi, and unlimited refills of soda. What more could anyone ask for!?)

We went searching for some northern exposure and found this cool old warehouse. (Okay, it wasn't north facing, but still...)

(I'm also trying to master the art of textures!)
The boys were acting a little goofy.

Wow! Kolby's shirt is a mess. Did I mention we went to McDonald's?

Sheesh! Did he get any 
in his MOUTH??

Doesn't it look like they get along so well???

(This is the kind of shot I love but that Kent thinks I took by mistake.) 

They wanted me to get a shot of those cool old windows that look like they have bullet holes in them.

The boys suddenly got bored and would NOT pose for another picture. I just wanted one shot with the brick wall long and behind the subject, at an angle, but they were done, so 
I gave the camera to Kolby...
not exactly what I was going for, but for a four year old, I'd say he did pretty well! 
(I guess that's how I look from his perspective :)

Then we found this cool little cove that had some amazing fall color still lingering! 
It would be a terrific setting for a family shoot if I could manage to properly expose it.

Beautiful color really DOES exist in February!!

Climbing the tree proved difficult, as it was covered in slippery moss!
(Oh, and Ky says it smelled bad.)

So MANUAL MODE??? Bring it on! No more aperture mode for me!


Crissie said...

Kimber girl - you can do it! I'm so excited for you to be taking the plunge. Funny, but true, story. My husband just let me upgrade my Nikon and I hadn't even realized that it didn't have an "auto" mode. I handed him the camera to snap something for me really quickly and that was the first time that I noticed it didn't have that little green box. I gave up trying to explain it to him. :)

Great photos and I'm SO very ready for some color up here in Idaho too. It's funny the beautiful things you can find when you're dying from lack of color. Lots of pretty berries and beautiful tree bark.


He & Me + 3 said...

Those are awesome. when you master manual mode without natural light please share your secret. Ugh. I thought every camera had an auto mode. interesting.

Karen Pedersen said...

I am sooooo impressed, Miss Pro! I love the photo of you. CUTE new hair. It's a whole new style since the last time I saw you. Your boys are darling and the messy 'McDonalds shirt' is the best part!

Beverly said...

Good luck - I'm sure you will be great at it! And,.... when you get it all figured out, you can teach me- haha!

Annette said...

Way to go!! You will be master of manual in no time!! Love the pics.

Janae said...

That is such a cute picture of you Kimber! I wish I photographed that way.