Monday, January 23, 2012

bark bark bark bark bark

Meet Kodak Jepperson...
the eight week old Labradoodle who is the newest member of our family.

We are all so THRILLED to have her in our home!

...well, MOST of us are thrilled...
(That's Koconut's favorite feather by the way)
Let's hope these two learn to get along. Lately they've been fighting like...well...cats and dogs!

(The girls in the chicken coop aren't too sure about her either)

(The fish actually seem to like her better than they like the cat :)

(Yes, we live in a zoo...)

It's not easy photographing a slobbery, clumsy animal 
who wants to snuggle whenever you get on the floor!!
But the good news is that she tires out easily.

 ...It's probably because she wakes up at 5:30am...

Don't you just love her!?


Jeff, Camie, Max and Lilly said...

Oh my goodness! We are definitely coming down immediately to meet this cute puppy!

She is a true member of the family- with a "K" and all!

I also told Jeff that you guys having pets is the only sure way to have girls at your house!!


PS: Can you do a photo shoot of our dog??

kimber said...

Ha ha ha ha! Yes, now our family has five boys and SEVEN girls!!!!

Yep. Bo Jangles would be an AWESOME photography subject!!! Let's do it!

Can't wait for you to meet her!

Karen Pedersen said...

You are a brave girl! A new puppy is almost as much work as a new baby! She is a beautiful puppy! Melts my heart.