Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our December...

Kaden completely blew me away at his Christmas violin concert. 
When the orchestra started playing, I expected a horrible screeching noise to issue forth. 
Isn't that what 6th grade orchestras sound like? Nope. The sound was absolutely beautiful. 
I cried through the whole concert. I'm so proud of Kaden for learning to play the violin. 
I think it's pretty cool.


Kenyon, #24, has been a force on the Springville Jr High team. 
We've had so much fun watching him, even if the team has yet to attain their first victory...
I'm the or lose, I love watching them play. 
Only 12 guys made the team this year. Kenyon tried out with confidence and made it.
We were all so excited for him.
Go Springville Red Devils!
Kenyon's adoring fans (Thank you Larissa, Davis, Mom, Dad, Lance, and everyone who
travels the distance to watch Kenyon play.) You sure make great athletic


We took our annual overnight trip to Salt Lake to eat at the Lion House, (the long line is worth it to us - sorry Camie and Jeff!) see the beautiful lights at Temple Square, stay overnight at the Marriott, and ice skate at the Gallivan Center. Fun times.


Now that it's time to put it all away, I thought I'd post some pics of how it all looked this Christmas. 
At the rate I'm going, it may not get put away until Valentines Day, so let's keep the sparkle going, what do you say!?
We had a yummy Christmas Eve dinner, followed by scripture reading
and a (very) late night showing of the latest Harry Potter movie.

Sometimes when I read blogs of other people, I feel like maybe we're missing something. 
Everyone's families seem perfect yet at our house, there is still a whole lot of sibling rivalry going on. But Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the whole year. 
I think it's pretty much as close to perfect as our family ever gets.


And then there are the wonderful early morning hours of Christmas...the magical moment when everything that was supposed to get done has somehow gotten done. 
The house is lit, clean, wrapped, and silent...


...and then, of course, comes Christmas morning...

Our Christmas Card this year


Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year.


And finally, a BUNCH of pictures from our annual Mutual Dell 
Griswold Jepperson Christmas Vacation:
(We sure missed Uncle Clint this year.)

Tooo much fun...


And THAT is our December in a nutshell bunch of photo collages.


Karen Pedersen said...

You silly girl! That house and family look about as perfect to me as it gets. You are amazing! BTW, don't stress too much about that sibling rivalry. It used to worry me so much too with all of my boys. Now that they are all grown up, they are best friends (with a little FRIENDLY sibling rivalry on top for good measure). They will be fine!

amy said...

Love this post! And love you guys! But I especially love that last picture of Jeff it made me laugh out loud!!!

Lauren VanCott said...

Ah, this is cute! Your Christmas card was by far the best card we got this year!
love, Lauren VanCott

Larissa Chase said...

What fun! And we sure LOVED coming to Kenyon's games! How come we didn't hear about the violin recital??!! And a new puppy?!! WOW! It sure is happenin' over there! Can't wait for March and our trip to Chile!
Love you guys!