Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project 52: Week 1

I'm starting up late on this, but I want to try taking at least one photo a week this year, trying out some kind of a new technique or set up. (Or maybe I'll just take a shot of something fun.) Here's one I took of Kaden this week. (But don't tell Kenyon...because that's Kenyon's guitar :)

This is a lighting technique  I've been studying called "Rembrandt lighting," where one side of the subject is in shadow. Very moody and thoughtful.

And here's a set up the kids wanted to try tonight...making the studio look like a bed. They were having too much fun. I'll miss this some day...

(Note to self: use a bigger backdrop)
Having fun can be so exhausting.


Kirstin said...

I love these! Your boys are so cute and look like they are having a blast!

Karen Pedersen said...

You KILL me with your amazing skills, beautiful family, and great sense of humor. Kill me some more!

Gwenna said...

Is it just me or does Kyler remind you of a young Kaden? Adorable kids! And an amazing mom!