Monday, February 9, 2009

favorite things photo challenge #10, 11, 12 and 13

Trying and trying to get this photography thing down but I'm not quite there yet...I'm still making too many corrections in Photoshop. I've got to figure out how to make the adjustments on my CAMERA. (These photos are probably 40% camera, 60% Photoshop.) At least I have a stinkin' cute model to work with (one who was very confused tonight as to why I got him out of bed and changed him out of his pjs to take pictures!) More practice tomorrow...I'll be tending a NEWBORN!!! (Can't WAIT!) And by the way, this last picture is a keeper. This is a boy who never stops talking. I'm not kidding, if he's awake, he's talking. He's a real chatterbox. Sometimes I have to dial Dad's phone just so Kolby can talk to someone ELSE for a minute! This picture reminds me of him pausing briefly between little thoughts and sentences. And he speaks in "stream of conciousness style." In the car yesterday he was chattering away as usual and these were his observations: "Heh!...that's funny. It's sunny and froggy (foggy) and raining all at the same time. That's wierd. That would be funny if it was sunny and froggy and raining and DARK all at the same time, huh Mom? Wouldn't that be funny Mom?"


Crockett's Blue Pencil said...

CUTE pictures...soon you will be taking clients!?

Andrea Lei said...

I think you are an amazing photographer. It is very inspiring. Maybe I will try more close-ups. Hmmmmmm, now for some sleeping models!