Saturday, February 28, 2009

snow much fun!!

Noah's gorgeous blue eyes.
Kolby may look bored, but actually I think it's terror. He just doesn't want to see how fast he's actually going. Unless you're a mom, I don't think you can truly appreciate the speed with which my baby zoomed by. All you can do is think to yourself, "I hope they don't die."
Max - the cutest baby in the West!
Funniest ride of the day. Right after I took this picture, Jeff ran over a small, unassuming tree and the tube kept going without him. He took off after it but tripped and nosedived into the snow, toppling head over heals, snow flying everywhere. I was laughing so hard I dropped to the floor. I couldn't stop laughing long enough to snap a picture.
Uncle Clint wins the prize for funnest uncle. (And most dangerous)
Kyler, coming down FAST. (Can't you just hear the yell of delight!?)
Best picture of the day!
Grandma is a sledding FOOL! (And I mean that as a COMPLIMENT!) I thought it was so cute that out of everyone, Noah most wanted to sled and snowmobile with Grandma. Do Grandmas get any cooler than than?!
It may look like a leisurely pace, but let me assure you, it's fast enough to make me envision a pile of broken bones at the bottom of the hill.
Kenyon's a sledding fool too!
Grandpa wins the prize for giving us the best entertainment.
WOW, what a FUN day!! Thanks Grandpa!!
Is there a shark in that water?
There are those devastating blues again. I couldn't stop taking pictures of Noah. He's just too darn cute!
We had the BEST day snowmobiling and sledding in AF Canyon today, but tomorrow I'm going to have to take some pictures of our poor sunburned FACES!! It was a gorgeous day and we didn't even think of packing the sunscreen! We feel so bad. Kenyon's face is blistered, Kyler's eyes are swollen almost shut, Kaden has 50 new freckles, and Kolby looks like he's wearing a purple face mask. Poor kids! Lesson LEARNED...never snowmobile without SUNSCREEN. But other than that, it was a perfect day. What fun!


Beverly said...

would these be raw? LOL Took my first raw today! Had some fun playing with them in photoshop! Very cool!

Andrea Lei said...

Your pictures are incredible! I had to remind myself to feel bad for the little sunburned boys...I was too busy looking at the shots. By the way, where are all the little girls???