Monday, February 2, 2009

love is a wonderful thing

Now that they've all been mailed and the wedding is just a short time away, I can post the wedding announcement Burgundy and I created in Photoshop. Personally, I think it's beautiful (but it doesn't hurt that we had AMAZING pictures to work with!) Congratulations, Burgundy and Trevor!! It's a great thing to be able to watch two people in love, just about to begin their lives together. And with our 14th wedding anniversary in just a couple of weeks, Kent and I can't help but remember our engagement and the adoration we had for each other then. Who ARE those two young kids in our announcement? Are they really US?! The love and adoration changes over the years, doesn't it? It's a much different kind of love now. We no longer hide our flaws from each other. We sometimes criticize each other's life philosophies. We see each other differently. But our love has grown into something even stronger than it was 14 years ago. 14 years from now, Burgandy and Trevor will look at their wedding announcement in awe. Love is a wonderful thing! P.S. That's what my hair looks like long. Now do you know why I keep it short?! And what was I, afraid to stand too close to Kent? I vaugely remember being afraid his size 13 shoes would step on my size 6, new, white ones.


Ryan and Larissa Chase said...

How cute! That is awesome that you have your own wedding invitation on your blog now. I love it. Is it fun to remember the first few years of your new life together? What a fun post. By the way THANK YOU! I just got Burgs' invitation today in the mail. It is awesome. You did such a great job. It is so so so beautiful. I LOVE it.

Beverly said...

Kimber, My cute nanny is getting married in April and is trying to figure out the announcements right now. I showed her this one and she really like it. She is wondering how much you would charge to help her design something like that for her. I think she would want a different background, but the basic layout she really liked. Also, do you know how much they run($$) to print? Thanks!

emily said...

the shoe comment cracks me up :)

i would so do something like that!