Friday, February 20, 2009

photoshop burn tool!

It's going to be my new addiction. I'm not going to be able to upload any more pictures until they've been burned with the brush in photoshop. Check out this before and after picture. The first one is as it was taken (I was depressed after seeing myself in it.) The second has been burned. Don't I look like I've just come off the beach? Nice tan! And look at all the colors in the picture. They're gorgeous! I learned about this tool tonight at a class and I can't go to bed because I just want to play with it all night! How did I not know about this?! I was taking a photography community ed class and last night was the final class, where the teacher covered photoshop fixes for photography. I was totally blown away. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about photoshop...but I realized that everything I've learned about the program relates to scrapbooking, not photography. Photoshop was invented by photographers to be able to do what photographers used to be able to do with film in the dark room. I wasn't using photoshop for its true purpose and potential! Some may say it's cheat photography, but I don't think's just doing what film photographers used to do. COOL! The burn tool is like a spray tan for the whole picture. I feel much better about my looks now that I've fixed this picture! (I'm so vein...) (WRITTEN LATER): Okay, after seeing the post, I can tell it's not that apparent, but in real life, it's amazing. You can see it in the blacks though. Our clothes look much "newer!" Trust me, there is a big difference! (I know I didn't do the little boys' shirts very evenly...give me a's 1:30am and I just learned this.) Tomorrow I'll have to play with the liquify tools. We learned how to make people lose 10 pounds in a picture. Incredible! Off to dream of spray tans and tummy tucks! Goodnight.


Beverly said...

Where are you taking a photoshop clas? I would love to take one!

Jami said...

This looks fantastic! Great job!