Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CTMH Artwork

Finally a piece of artwork I can show a pic of! Lately I've been working on fun projects I can't share. This one is for a big, fun swap with friends for a two day retreat at a gorgeous lodge. If it were just for me, I would probably bling it out a bit more, but since I have to make 20 of these layouts, I'd better stop! The title says, "In a constant state of perpetual motion" and on the other side it says "{BOY}" That's my life! I haven't turned the layout in yet. Comments and suggestions are welcomed (and appreciated!)


Mike said...

(Mike's wife said:) Kim, you are so creative. I am so impressed!

Ryan and Larissa Chase said...

Kim! You are so awesome, I wish I had half the talent you have. You are the best. Wow!

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