Monday, January 26, 2009


One more thing to post tonight...I have a busy week ahead and my to do list was a mile long today when Kaden came home from school and said he's the VIP in his third grade class this week and needs a poster for tomorrow. "Great! That's so exciting!" I said through clenched teeth. I'm proud to say we were able to create a digital poster in half and hour. I'll pick it up at Sam's Club tomorrow morning and deliver it to the school. It will only cost 6.50 for a 16X20 poster. I love the digital age! -Oh, and at 12:38am I've checked off everything on my to do list and I'm off to bed.

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Andrea Lei said...

I love it when that happens, it happened to me on Monday! Quinn threw me the note that he needed a poster as he was putting his backpack on and heading out the door. I wish I would have thought about a digital poster, I just grabbed the pictures off last years' (that was hanging on his wall still) and mounted them and comments onto the new one!

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