Saturday, January 31, 2009

busy - ness

A few posts ago I mentioned the busy, crazy week I was having and today was the pinnacle of the busy-ness. This morning we had baptisms and as I was rushing from place to place, trying to help the families, I backed my SUV into a small car. There's just nothing like a fender bender to put a damper on your spirits all day long, particularly when the bender is your own offense! I then spent the afternoon preparing for a baby shower I helped throw for baby Gabriel (the most delicious baby I've ever held. That's him, sleeping on my shoulder,) -- see blue cookies -- and a dinner party, where the required dinner ticket was a dessert that would be judged on presentation and taste. Yikes. At the shower I got to feed the little man a bottle and enjoy a major endorphin buzz. It was almost good enough to ease my qualms about the car incident. I rushed back home to bake my dessert for the party, only to have it sink and rise in all the wrong places. (But somehow it won second place in the contest so I guess it tasted better than it looked.) I said hello and goodbye to my boys and they looked at me as if they didn't recognize who I was. I knew I'd neglected them far too much this week when Kenyon called our amazing, beautiful dinner party, I answered the phone, knowing it was him, and he asked if he could talk to Dad. My good husband has had to pick up far too much of my slack this week, yet he has done it uncomplainingly and I hope he knows how much I love him for it. Even though he and I were going out for dinner tonight, he fixed a gourmet meal for the boys. (Not to mention the yummy pancakes he made them this morning while I was at the baptism.) He probably fed them lunch too but I wouldn't know. I wasn't here. Tonight I've got to prepare a Sharing Time for tomorrow because I promised myself I wouldn't go to bed until it was done. So why am I on this computer? Because, once again, I am reminded that my life is full. I am surrounded by people I love...friends, neighbors, family, a wonderful husband, and blessings galore. I stand by the old Utah cliche: I AM BLESSED. I am truly, truly blessed and I thank my Father in Heaven for my full and vigorous life. I strive to someday strike a better balance, but in the meantime, I will recognize the gifts in my life. Oh shoot. Just realized I forgot to pick up a birthday present for Grandpa's birthday party tomorrow. My life reminds me of a bumper sticker I had in college: "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get." That is my unintended mantra in life. Will I ever catch up? I'm going to ignore the scratchy feeling in my throat and move forward. Next week? Bring it on. I'm ready. (I think.) OH, and Happy Birthday, Wesley!!!


Melissa said...

Just thinking of you. Hope your day got better....I need to plan a lesson for tomorrow too...BUUUUUT....this is much funner :)

Shealynn Benner said...

Don't worry! My husband and I are working on some things with my blog which will still enable me to post my photos, etc. ;) Thank you for stumbling upon my blog, and following me. It means a lot. :D


Ryan and Larissa Chase said...

You are so awesome! Everyone around you is so glad and grateful to Heavenly Father that YOU are in THEIR life! Me included.
In answer to your question the other day...yes, when we finish we will be headed to Utah for our new home (as long as no plans change) and we are SO excited. We miss all of our wonderful family, and we miss Utah and its seasons. (Can you believe that? Miss the cold when we live in Hawaii!??) Anyway, we finish up in December this year. Like the 23rd or something. So we should be back in time for Christmas.

Preston and Raelene Raban Family said...

Kim! You are a TREASURE TROVE of ideas for Primary! What a cute idea you do for your kids getting baptized! You seriously...AMAZE me! Your blog makes me laugh. I have had those days. Love your wedding announcement. I have never seen you with that long of hair! Hope all is well!

Celeste said...

those cookies look delish!!

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