Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh My!

I was downstairs today when I heard a terrible know the kind...the kind that makes your heart skip a I ran up the stairs and as I'm running I hear Kent say, "Oh, that's not good." He had been changing a kitchen lightbulb, standing on top of the glass range, when his foot went right through. Is it bad that these were the first two thoughts that went through my head (after I found out Kent was okay, of course)?: 1. "Too bad he wasn't standing on the dishwasher. I could really use a new dishwasher." 2. "I'm thinking...stainless steel."


apaintergirl said...

i am super excited (although also sad for you for having to replace your stove) to have an idea on how to get rid of my stove...i hate it...i have not gotten used to an electric stove in a year and a half and miss my gas stove terribly...thank you for the inspiration!!! LOL off to 'change the light bulb'!!!

amy and clint said...

I guess we all brought too many treats on New Years Eve! Sorry about the stove but that did make me laugh out loud!

Sheryl said...

We had the same thing happen to our stove...not a foot, but the shattered top none the less. We were able to fix it, though! Try looking at! We were able to get a new piece for the top and it works like new and saved us the cost of an entirely new stove! Hope it helps!

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