Monday, January 26, 2009


"Thank goodness it's Monday," ...that's what I say, because every Monday Wesley and I go to lunch at Joe Bandidos and splurge on our no caffeine diet. (And every other kind of diet, because, let's face it, Mexican food and DIET don't belong in the same sentence.) Daniel, our waiter every Monday, knows exactly what to bring us. He doesn't even have to ask. What could be better than that? (It's almost embarrassing.) I don't know what I would do without this Monday afternoon tradition. Wesley is the best friend anyone could EVER have. She knows everything about me and yet she continues to be my friend. Thanks for all the Monday Joe Bandidos therapy sessions where you solve all my problems, Wesley. Here's to many, many more! (Oh, and I love the look on Kolby's face. He's thinking, "Ummmmm, I don't think my mom is supposed to drink that stuff anymore.")

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Ryan and Larissa Chase said...

Kolby looks like he is having a blast too!! That is a great idea. How fun.

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