Monday, June 22, 2009

turning over the camera

They've been begging and pleading for years, so tonight, when I took them in the front room to capture some pictures of THEM in the window light, they talked me into it and I relinquished the camera to Kyler and Kolby. (Urmmmm...where did all those wrinkles and freckles come from!!??)


Karen said...

What wrinkles and freckles? All I see is a beautiful mommy whose boys must just absolutely adore her! I love that you shared your blog with me. You do such a great job and I am always excited to see what amazing photo you take and share next.

Annette said...

Oh hello!! You are so cute. Love the cute hair! I don't see any wrinkles. How fun to have them take your picture, except I would hand my kids my OLD camera!