Friday, June 5, 2009

fix it friday2!

Check out all the other great entries this week at:
And this is my attempt. What a beautiful little boy!


Rebecca said... your link is linking to last week's post.

Jewel said...

Cute :)

Melanie said...

The scrap page is too cute! :)

Betty Jo said...

OH I love the scrap page you did! ♥

Alice said...

i really like the scrapbook page/card one - it's beautiful! i see someone already mentioned you are linked to last week's fix-it photo. i was persistent :O). great job!

i have my edit posted, too. feel free to critique and give me some suggestions if you want. i am looking for helpful pointers! thanks :O)

Sid said...

Love this one as well!

i played too, please check out my edits and let me know what you think