Wednesday, July 15, 2009

getting artsy

I've been taking a free online Photoshop class on textures, gradients, overlays, blending modes, clipping masks, and word art from Jessica Sprague. Here is my day 10 project, incorporating all I've learned so far. And by the way, these two cute boys are cousins but may as well be brothers the way they rival each other. Seems to me they behave just exactly like my boys do together! So when I saw this rare tender moment happening, I just HAD to capture it on film.


Karen said...

Oh, Kim! This is so beautiful. I wish I could just hire you to come live with our family and carry around a camera everywhere we go. You are amazing. 4o minutes to SYTYCD!

Jeff, Camie and Max Brinkerhoff said...

that picture definitely needs to be documented- it's not all too often they play nice! Kim you are amazing in everyway... one day I will be half as talented as you! Hopefully these classes can do me some good too!

Beverly said...

Very cool! Remind me where I can go to take these classes! Thanks!