Sunday, July 26, 2009

family pictures

Meet my neighbors, the beautiful Church Family.
Their little surprise caboose was born recently and has to be just about the cutest baby I've ever seen. You can tell how much they absolutely adore him. I could have stayed all day just to take pictures of them interacting with him. It truly warms the heart! Maybe it's because I was the little surprise caboose in my family, so I can totally relate to little baby Brody! (I was so spoiled!)
Their son, Ethan (center,) leaves for an LDS mission to Nicaragua next week. This was everyone's reaction when I said, "For this picture, I want everyone to kiss Ethan!" (Ethan's reaction is my favorite :)
When I pulled the football out of my bag, I'm pretty sure I saw some eyes light up. This is definitely a football loving family!
The beautiful women of the family.
The handsome men, youngest to oldest.
Just me, trying to be creative (in a copy cat kind of way :)
Isn't that just the coolest tree!?
Beautiful family, perfect, overcast weather, gorgeous scenery, inexperienced photographer -- ALMOST the perfect combination!!


Vocabdiva said...

OK: I MUST know the location of these awesome photos! The family is of course the bomb--how can you get NINE people to smile simultaneously???--but the locale is perfecta. Is it a secret?

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

What beautiful photos! I love the one of them all looking at the baby. I love the one of them throwing the football in the air. And I also love the one where the kids are off to the side and the parents are in the back next to the tree. What amazing coordinating outfits and incredible photo ideas. Great job!

amy and clint said...

Kim those are amazing!!!
I love them all!
You are so talented, can you share some of that talent with me...please!
You're the best!

Beverly said...

I think I recognize that tree from our family pics! They are some of my favorites! (and the tree as well) Great job, Kimber :)

Andrea Lei said...

Kim those are amazing! What a darling family!

Annette said...

Wow, great family photos! How did you get everyone looking at the same place,smiling, and looking like they are enjoying themselves? Beautiful locations. I sure hope they have a big missionary fund set up, how many sons did I count?

Do you want to come to FL and take our family photo?